meet our audition finalists

Meet the future Lake Shore housemates!


What happens when eight vibrant and volatile twenty-something Torontonians from different backgrounds and sexual orientations shack up?


Toronto is the perfect backdrop for this engaging and trendy reality TV show. Never before have such diverse backgrounds gone head to head, and the results will unveil just how inclusive Torontonians really are.


After the drooling audition line ups, the tension between the contestants and the many liquor shots to ease the anticipation, we are proud to announce the official Lake Shore housemates!


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Lake Shore press coverage

Stirring up something special

What's got the Canadian press talking? The premise of the show is fun like a guilty pleasure. We promise to appeal to the audience's voyeuristic instinct like any good reality TV adventure. Lake Shore fans engage and participate in this TV show in a way which has never been seen before.


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Stay in touch


We want our fans to be as involved in the show's success as possible!


Lets keep in touch and we can invite you to our latest bash. You'll also be able to vote on different aspects of the show such as where the cast of 8 gets to vacation.